about me

A little bit about me.

My name is Anna  and I'm from Halifax, MA. I grew up in Bridgewater, a town over, with an older sister, a younger brother, my mom and dad, and a yellow lab. I had quite the perfect childhood. In the third grade, my mom made the decision to take us out of the public school systems and begin homeschooling. I think it might've been one of the best things that has ever happened for me. Throughout the years, I have been given the opportunity to pick and choose my own classes, studying specific subjects I'm interested in. Having this freedom has been nothing short of amazing. 

My main hobby is theatre, and I tend to take part in about 2 or 3 shows a year. For 8 years, I attended a theatre school in East Bridgewater. In June of 2016, I decided to stop classes there, and try a variety of other companies in the area. That summer, I took part in an intensive program at the Company Theatre in Norwell. I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere, the people and the things I was learning. There, I was involved in a straight play, as well as several musical numbers. Since then, I have auditioned and been cast in A Christmas Carol at the same theatre, as well as Children of Eden through South Shore Theatre Works in Holbrook. In the spring of this year, I began set work and general stage help with The Trial of Madeline Gee at Massasoit Theatre Company in Brockton. In October of 2017, I was in Massasoit Theatre Company's production of Shakespeare's As You Like It, and was given the opportunity to work with Peter A. Carey and Corinne M. Mason, now two of my biggest inspirations and role models. Spring of 2018 was when the Laramie Project happened - hands down the most beautiful piece I've ever been a part of. Being a part of that cast and show made me fall even more in love with the arts, and inspired me to keep creating, supporting, and keeping the arts alive. Theatre has always played a central role in my life, and the lessons I have learned from the art have been extremely rewarding.

I recently graduated high school this past June, and will be taking a "year on" this fall, something I am beyond excited for. After my gap year I will be attending University of Southern Maine in Portland, ME. 

// Welcome to my journey. // 

xx, anna