reflection / post-staging

As our staging weeks come to a close, I’m reflecting on how blessed I am to have been given the opportunity to travel with Up With People. I have been asked questions that prior to arriving in Denver, I had never been asked before. I have learned more about myself in these first 5 weeks than ever before. It’s scary in a way & it’s also incredibly eye-opening. I am challenged each and every day, and pushed outside of my comfort zone in the best ways possible. Through 5 weeks of laughter, tears, highs & lows - I am here. I am here to make an impact, create lasting bonds and connections with people from all over the world, learn from those around me, walk in somebody else’s shoes, and explore this beautiful world we live in. I feel like the luckiest girl alive to be doing what I’m doing.

To my first host family: thank you. Thank you for opening your home to Maëlle and I, and for sharing your beautiful city with us. Thank you for your kindness - and for encouraging me to try allllll the foods I probably wouldn’t have tried 5 weeks ago. I’ve learned so much from the both of you. We will miss you two (and stewart & shinyu!!)

To my first roomie: Maëlle!!!! Thank you for showing me what true compassion & genuine kindness is. You never fail to see the best in people & that is a beautiful thing - please never stop being you. Thank you for dealing with me and for loving peanut butter m&ms just as much as i do!! I will miss being your roomie but am so excited to be on the road with you.

Living this life is a gift. I couldn’t be more excited for the rest of this experience & what lies ahead.