The Big picture: MUN/global issues class FALL 2017/SPring 2018

As part of my efforts to get more people involved with Global Concerns Classroom and Concern Worldwide, I have decided to use my firsthand experience from Malawi to teach the Model UN/Global Issues class I have been actively involved in for a few years now. By putting a creative twist on some of the activities and projects, I will be able to teach kids about global issues (specifically lack of access to education in underdeveloped nations around the world), using oral presentations, project proposals, etc. 

Through in class lessons, TedTalks, activities, projects and presentations, students will explore the causes and consequences of emerging global issues, and find possible solutions. In class, we will learn about specific underdeveloped nations, and find ways in which to combat lack of access to education around the world. Each week we will focus on one lesson from the Global Concerns Classroom online Unit Plan. Some topics include: Local vs. Global - Education in the U.S. and Around the World, Making Education for All a Reality, and Exploring Barriers and Solutions.

Students will also work towards sharing one global issue they have learned about throughout the eight weeks, to be performed or showcased at the last week of class. Students may create and rehearse a short skit with classmates, write a short story or poem, put together a powerpoint, write a research paper, create a project proposal, make a storyboard/vision board, or find their own unique and distinct way of exhibiting what they have learned.

I am extremely excited for this new step, and look forward to sharing what I've learned. I hope that by obtaining new information about the developing world through multiple different methods, students will leave better equipped with an understanding of global issues and how to take action in their communities. 

xx, Anna